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Utah man accused of threatening to kill Trump

A Utah man faces criminal charges after allegedly threatening to kill President Donald Trump, according to an indictment filed Wednesday.

The Midvale, Utah man is accused of making threats against the President while the nation's Commander in Chief was visiting the Beehive State last month to sign proclamations that slashed the size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments.

The indictment alleges Dominguez submitted the following messages and others via an online tip line to police:

"I'm a Navy Seal. .. I woke up and decided going to kill the president Donald Trump today. Please forgive me and then I will die by suicide by cop.”

"I'm going to kill the sexist racist homophobic President Trump today. Nothing you can do to save President Trump nor stop me pigs.”

The Justice Department statement says that later the same month, Dominguez used an internet tip line to send more threats, including the one to hurt people at a movie theater with firearms or explosives and then to harm police officers responding to the scene.

Dominguez was apprehended after he was spotted in the vicinity of the movie complex.

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