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Study: Obese People Are Less Stressed Than Others

British scientists have found that those suffering from obesity and subsequent health risks, such as diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure, are less susceptible to tension and nervousness.

The scientists concluded this conclusion after studying the largest genetic database in the UK.

Scientists from the University of Bristol said their findings were not conclusive, although it was accepted among experts, particularly as it was observed that those with high burn rate, are more prone to anxiety and depression.

"People who are malnourished find it hard to contain their feelings," said researcher Dasha Nichols. What came out of the study that obese people were happier did not surprise her.

Britain has the highest rates of obesity, as it is the highest country in the European Union in the injury of its citizens to the health problem, which affects 30 percent of women, and about 27 percent of men.

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