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A direct Relationship between Drinking Alcohol and Cancer

Scientists have long linked alcohol to certain diseases, but a new study has highlighted the serious impact of drinking alcohol, pointing out that there is a "direct relationship" between drinking alcohol and cancer.

A study conducted at the University of Cambridge revealed that alcohol destroys the DNA found in stem cells in the body, after the scientists injected rats with diluted alcohol, according to Reuters.

Professor KJ Patel said: "When drinking alcohol, the body analyzes it and converts it into energy that accumulates in the form of a toxin that attacks DNA in a ferocious manner, and destroys the genetic data, which represents the basic component of life".

He also added: "When we got rid of that enzyme in mice, a small percentage of alcohol was capable of causing significant destruction in blood-producing cells".

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He pointed out that there are changes in the chromosomes found in the blood that was produced from those cells, which is important because these chromosomes (DNA) is the main reason that "aging" cells turn into cancer cells.

The study showed that alcoholic drinks increase the risk of breast cancer and bowel cancer, as well as 5 other types of cancer.

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