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The Worst Problem In The iPhone X

It may be hard to deny that iPhone X, which is unveiled by Apple on Tuesday night, is the best company phone until now. But that does not mean it is without problems.

Apple has unveiled a different design for the iPhone X, which is based on a high resolution screen that occupies almost all the front end of the device, and adopts the OLED technology and measuring 5.8 inches.

The new phone also has a glass background that allows wireless charging, as well as a sophisticated True Depth camera to identify the face of the user, to unlock the phone and make electronic payments.

All of these are positive points in the iPhone X, but that does not stop talking about the worst of it, a bump that occupies part of the top screen, and has a camera lens and some sensors.

Instead of assigning a full tape to the top of the screen to position the camera and other sensors, Apple decided to put those lenses in a prominent bump in an "ugly" way so that part of the screen remains in left and right.

Although the design does not suffer from any practical problems, it causes a great aesthetic flaw when using the "iPhone X" to display video or images or surf the Internet.

When the video is displayed, part of it disappears behind that bump at the top, as will as the case when displaying images, part of it will be hidden in the same place.

This is even worse when you view Internet pages on "iPhone X". In this case, the area on the right and left of the bump shows an empty gray area that greatly distorts the view.

Most of those who saw Apple's presentation of the iPhone X have noticed this problem, and everyone wondered how a leading design company such as Apple would agree to such an idea.

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