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Study : How Americans Get Their News

A survey by the Pew Research Center found that about two-thirds of American adults get "at least part of the news from social networking sites" and that 20 percent of them rely on social networks for the most part.

About 67 percent of American adults rely to some extent on getting news on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Snape Chat, compared to 62 percent last year, the survey found.

For the first time in Pew's research history, the survey also found that 55 percent of American adults over age 50 get news from social networking sites, up from 45 percent in 2016.

"Although the overall increase is small, it is driven by large increases among older, less educated and non-white Americans," the center said.

Facebook remained the dominant platform in terms of access to news. It is reasonable for 45 percent of American adults to rely on the site for news.

YouTube came second with 18 percent, while Twitter get only 11 percent.

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