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Social Networks Are "bigger" Than Countries

The world's population has risen to more than 7.5 billion people, nearly half of them use the Internet, and about a quarter use Facebook for social networking.

The world seems to be moving towards more virtual communication, and is getting closer to each other, due to the increasing use of communication networks and messaging applications. Number of Facebook users has risen to more than 2.01 billion users.

In second place in terms of use came YouTube, with nearly 1.5 billion users. In third place came Wattsapp application with 1.3 billion users, followed directly by Facebook Messenger app , where statistics indicate that its number is two billion users, while reports indicate that its number reaches to 1.2 billion users.

In contrast, China has a population of 1.39 billion and India's population is close to 1.34 billion.

While The largest country after China and India, in terms of population, is the United States with an estimated 326 million people. while in Latin America, Brazil has the largest population with 211 million people.

According to the facebook population density map, the largest number of users of this social networking site is India, with an estimated 241 million users, then 240 million in the United States, and Brazil, with an estimated 139 million users .

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