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Proterra’s New Electric Bus Can Go 1,102 Miles On "One Charge"

The 12.19-meter-long electric bus made by Proterra can break 1772.21 kilometers at low speed, without having to be recharged, marking a record distance for a new electric vehicle.

Bus and truck companies began to introduce typical electric models for light and medium-sized vehicles.

Although the price of this new technology is often high, one of the major challenges is to make vehicles with acceptable distances at a competitive price.

"The price of a regular bus made by Proterra company is about $ 750,000, while the price of a regular diesel-powered bus is $ 500,000," said Matt Horton, chief commercial officer at Proterra in an interview quoted by Reuters.

Operating costs in Proterra company are lower, but they must convince their consumers that higher price is worth paying.

"Heavy transport vehicles now have the resources they need," Horton said, "We will shift our focus further to lower costs".

Although the weight of the battery is a problem for heavy trucks, reducing its load, Horton said that his company's bus is much lighter than a trailer, even if it carries a full number of passengers.

Proterra company began built battery for its buses with Korean company LG Chem, and the bus manufacturer began assembling batteries at a new plant in Burlingame, California.

Hotron said that his company sold 190 buses last year and is on its way to overtake that figure much this year.

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