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Golden Tips To Lose Weight Fast Without Leaving Office

Many staff spend long hours behind their desks every day. Despite frequent warnings from experts to leave the office from time to time for movement, it is recommended to do some practices that would lose weight while sitting in the office.

Eating beets

Research has found that the nitric oxide found in the beet improves blood circulation immediately, which helps in your metabolism.

Chili peppers

Chili accelerates metabolism in the body, so experts advise to add it to food whenever possible.

Stand up whenever possible

The body burns more calories while standing or walking. So it is advisable to go to prepare a cup of tea or move around the office once an hour.

Lifting feet

Try lifting your arm with small office-level supports, as well as lifting your feet a few centimeters from the ground. This will make your stomach feel comfortable and make you feel need to eat quickly.

Change drinks

Nutrition experts say green tea has many benefits, including help in losing weight, so they recommend taking it instead of daily coffee.

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