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Finally The Truth Has Been Reached, "The Mysterious Sea Creature"

Days after the discovery of the mystery sea body on a beach in Texas City, after "Harvey" hurricane , which hit the state recently, a biologist reached the type of alien creature, with smooth body and large teeth.

After finding the body, Preeti Desai, social media manager with the National Audubon Society, an organization environmental animal conservation , her asked for help in identifying this creature through her tweets on "Twitter".

Observers suggested that Desai should continue with Dr. Kenneth Tighe a biologist with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. The latter said that the mysterious animal was a fangtooth snake-eel, also known as a “tusky” eel.

Desai was quoted on Time magazine: " It's not something people usually see on the sea, I thought it could be something from the depths of the sea thrown by the water to the beach. My reaction was curious to know what this. "

This marine creature is usually about one meter long and spends most of its time at a depth of 30 to 90 meters under water.

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