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An Unexpected Treat For Depression

British scientists said that it is possible to treat depression by anti-inflammatory drugs, having concluded that it is an organic disease.

The scientists added that they reached this solution after the diagnosis of depression as an organic disease caused by a defect in the immune system, according to the newspaper "Telegraph" British Saturday.

This study is consistent with several previous studies that linked depression and the immune system, and noted that it is an organic disease and not a disease of pure mental origin.

One of 13 Britons suffers from depression or psychological distress, and health authorities issued 64 million prescription recipes for depression last year.

The current treatment focuses largely on mood-enhancing drugs, especially serotonin boosters in the brain, but scientists now believe that excessive activity of the immune system leads to inflammation throughout the body, causing feelings of despair and fatigue.

The new study showed that the treatment of infections in the immune system reflected positively in reducing the state of depression.

The head of the Department of Psychiatry at Cambridge University Ed Bolmore, said that a new treatment in immunology is on the horizon, he said "it is very clear that inflammation causes depression".

Scientists at Cambridge and others at the Wellcome Trust Fund for Medical Research hope to start treatment trials next year, to test the ability of anti-inflammatory drugs treatment of depression.

Bullmore added that there is evidence showing the ability of these antibiotics to treat depression.

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