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An International Meeting In Canada To Discuss Climate Change Agreement

Officials from more than 30 countries signed the Paris Climate Convention in 2015 in Montreal, Canada, in their first meeting since the United States submitted a formal notification last month of its withdrawal from the agreement.

Xie Zhenhua, China's climate change representative, said the world should go ahead with the implementation of the Paris commitments, stressing that "the Paris Convention should not be renegotiated".

The European Commissioner for Climate and Energy, Miguel Arias Canetti, said that Canada, China and the European Union organized the meeting with the aim of opening a dialogue between the major industrialized countries and developing countries and "enhancing the global momentum" for the implementation of the Paris Convention.

The conference comes after three devastating hurricanes of the Atlantic Ocean, some experts believe that climate change has a role exacerbated by ocean warming.

The Paris Climate Convention, signed by some 200 countries, aims to reduce global warming by two degrees Celsius, through among other things, commitments to reduce carbon dioxide and other fossil fuel emissions.

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