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All The Hurricanes That Hit America Comes From A Single Point

"All the hurricanes that hit America come from one place," said a video posted on "Tech Insider" channel  on YouTube.

The source said the hurricanes originated from a point in the West African coast near Cape Verde, where hot air from Central Africa meets with cold air from its north, causing winds that generate hurricanes moving to west across the Atlantic toward the United States.

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in the United States a month ago, at a time when another hurricane named "Irma" heading Florida, which saw the largest evacuation in US history.

The US Hurricane Center announced that Hurricane Irma had intensified to the fifth maximum on Saturday night as the devastating hurricane began to invade the island of Cuba after causing heavy casualties in many Caribbean islands.

He said the hurricane was accompanied by strong winds of up to 260 km per hour and was heading west with 20 km / h, on a path that would increase dangers that it poses in Florida.

The hurricane is expected to hit Florida on Saturday, which has the largest evacuation in US history, including approximately one million people.

US meteorologists on Friday called on residents of the Florida Keys to evacuate their homes and leave the area before the hurricane come.

In a statement, US President Donald Trump said: "This storm definitely has historic destructive potential ... I ask everyone in the storm's course to exercise caution and take into account all the recommendations of government officials and law enforcement officials".

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