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Latest And Most Successful Applications To Breaking Into WiFi Network

Considering that there are lots and lots of WiFi hacking applications available on the Internet, but most of these applications have a security problem and viruses, while some other apps are just fake applications.

In this article, i am here to present some of the ideal applications for your smartphone Android and iOS for Wi-Fi hacking and access to the passwords of these networks.

#1 Aircrack-ng

Aircrack is now one of the best Wi-Fi hacking tools on the computer, and it is also available for iPhone users. This application allows the user to break down Wi-Fi passwords network that are available nearby.

#2 Speedtouch

Another popular application in Wi-Fi network hacking field on iOS devices, is known as 'Speedtouch' which is developed by both developers and hackers.

After installing Speedtouch app, you need to download 'rainbow' file on your iOS device, through which any Wi-Fi connection can be easily hacked into your device. The rainbow file contains all default passwords that can be easily hacked by this application.

#3 iWep Pro

IWep Pro is a very easy to use and very popular application It is one of the best applications available for hacking wifi passwords for iPhone users.

The user interface in this application is very simple and can be understood very easily. There is no need to know any programming skills to break the WiFi passwords using this application.

#4 WPA tester

There are many Wi-Fi virtual passwords available for Routeurs in this application, which makes it very easy to detect Wi-Fi passwords from neighboring networks. To hack Wi-Fi passwords using this app, you must first select the type of router you want to hack and then press 'Test' button.

#5 WLANaudit

This app is similar to previous applications used for hacking WiFi passwords. by using this application, you can easily break into WPA and WPA2 password, but to use this app you need an iOS device. After installing this app, you can scan for networks that can be hacked, and then click on the network to be hacked to see that network password.

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