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More Than 87 Million Dailymotion Accounts IDs Hacked

Sharing and broadcast videos website Dailymotion has been hacked, allowing a hacker to get their hands on more than 87 million email addresses and usernames. The company advises all its users to change their password.

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Alert at Dailymotion. The online video distribution and sharing website acknowledged Tuesday an external security issue and warned that "the passwords of a number of accounts could have been compromised."

At least, the data accounts for more than 87.6 million users were hacked, according to the website. This would mainly concern e-mail addresses and usernames. For nearly 18.3 million accounts, passwords would be associated. But these would benefit from a hashing bcrypt function making them difficult to break.

Anyway, Dailymotion opts for caution and advises its users to proceed now to change their passwords.

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