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How To Become A Pro Hacker, P5: Boards

Some interesting and important boards:

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  • Viruses
  • SQLi
  • Wi-Fi hacking
  • Programs (Also check sub-boards)
  • Botnets
  • [Whole coding section]
Well, know you finally have some knowledge about hacking, but what are you go to do with that knowledge?
Are go to use if for good ethical purposes?
Or by doing harm to innocent people?

It is your choice to chose what hat to wear.
You could choose to be a black hat, this includes ALL illegal activities related with hacking.
You could also choose to be a white hat, this include all legal authorized activities.

But of course your choice is really important and can be life-changing.
If you choose to be a Black Hat and doing harm to innocent people, cops will look for you... And in extreme cases you could get mess with governments or security agencies. And you can try, but believe me; Those are more powerful than you...

But if you choose to be a White Hat and use your knowledge for ethical purposes, cops of course won’t look for you.
Even when you do un-authorized things for good, your punishment would be really soft/none at all. ;)

I highly recommend using it for White Hat purposes, of course... E-whoring once a year to make $20 a month won’t be a problem in most cases... But infecting random people and break their privacy can cause you problems.
Yeah, even when you’re under-aged.

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