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How To Become A Pro Hacker, P4: Methods

There are a lot of ways to hack, I’ll list some of them and explain them! :

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  • RAT-infecting
  • SQLi
  • Wi-Fi hacking
  • E-whoring
  • Key-logging
  • Brute-Forcing
If you were concentrated you saw we already discussed the most of these things.
But we also included one new thing, SQLi, Wi-Fi hacking and e-whoring.

A SQLi means SQL injection, and actually means hacking the database of a website.
You don’t need a special program for it but just a browser!
It also isn’t that hard at all. You play with the URL of the website so the result are the content of the database.

Like you probably know a Wi-Fi is actually a wireless router.
And you are able to hack it! :D
You can do it with any brute-force program like Hydra but there are also special programs for it like Reaver.

E-whoring isn't really hacking, but could be important too if you want to learn it.
Mostly hackers act like they are girls in chat rooms, they have fake pictures, videos, and web-cam videos. Men pays a lot of money for more pictures and videos, or even sometimes send money to the hacker (fake girl) for a whole plane ticket... Of course, it's all fake.
A lot of people makes tons of money with it, but the method could be sometimes a bit. ;)

DOXING, Again, Dox'ing isn't really hacking but used a lot too.
Dox (Documentation) is getting a lot (all) info about a specific person.
You search things about that person like: E-mail, Real name, Address, Hobbies, Work/school, how he/she looks like, family friends, actions, life story,... This can be done in a lot of ways. Some sites like are used for dox'ing, but of course it doesn't always give you the best results. :)
And the best of all, Dox'ing is legal.
Dox'ing is mostly used to blackmail a person, answering his security questions for a site, or just getting a lot of info from him.

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