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How To Become A Pro Hacker, P3: Other Programs

There are also other programs you have to know, or other thing you have to know.
I’ll list some of them.

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Other Programs:

  • CMD
  • VM
  • Knowledge of networking
  • Hardware
  • Copycatting

CMD (CoManD prompt) is still really handy to do things and or little tricks, The programming language Batch is related with CMD... CMD is actually the GUI of Batch.
Every Windows PC has automatic, just do Ctrl + R > “CMD” > Enter.
Search something about it, it is really fun and handy! :D

A VM (Virtual Machine) allows you to run multiple OS’s on one PC.
It is used a lot to test own-made OS’s and pen-testing OS’s (Kali Linux).
Also to test viruses save. :D

Having some knowledge of Networking is also a basic, you must know how computers, internet,... works. Reading 1-2 good books will be okay! :D

Also your hardware must be up-to-date, the better hardware the better the results are.
It’s also handy to know how a PC works.

Copycatting is copying sites. You can do this easy by pressing Ctrl + S on any site, or Ctrl + U and copy/paste the source code.
Of course there are also advanced and more effective ways to do this.
Remember, this is piracy and against the law of copyright!

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