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How To Become A Pro Hacker, P1: Programming Languages

The first thing you definitely have to learn is programming.
Programming is done for a lot of things, actually, everything you see and use on the internet.

If you for example press Ctrl + U on your keyboard at the same time, you’ll see a new screen popping-up with a lot of weird words and characters, well that is an example of a code.

The programming languages you see there, are HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are the languages who are used on almost every single site. If you go to your favourite site like Facebook, Twitter, (*cough *) or anything else, you can use this as well, and see how that site is programmed for a part!

But there is also another side of programming ‘a dark side’, like I said before, everything you use on the internet is programmed, and so are the viruses, malware, spyware... You download and people use to ruin your PC!

But before we start the ‘cool’ stuff, you have to learn some programming.

I’ll refer you to some interesting programming languages, and where you can learn them.

Programming languages:

1. Web-Desing:/Developing:

  • HTML5 (Easy)
  • CSS3 (Easy)
  • JavaScript (Easy – Average)
  • PHP (Average – Hard)
  • mySQL (Average – Hard)

2. Computer programming:

  • Batch (Easy)
  • C++ (Average)
  • Python (Easy)
  • Visual Basics (Easy with Visual Studio)

A bit more explanation about all these languages, HTML5 is the newest version of HTML, and is used to decide what the content of a site is, every sentence, paragraph and most images are made in HTML, how they look, size,... are made in CSS.
So short, HTML is the content and CSS is the layout (how it is designed).

Javascript is one of the most popular and powerful scripting languages used on the web... It also exists so long as the web does. And you can do awesome things with it.
You can’t only make nice slideshows with it, but also get the history of an user for example, actually really easy... Or opening thousands of tabs in once, with a simple easy trick.

PHP and mySQL are mostly used for databases, mySQL is a type of database and PHP is another really popular language on the web. The most forums/chats/whatever are based on PHP.
It’s good to understand those languages, they have a huge part in the security of websites. Especially mySQL.

Let’s go over to the computer programming languages, with computer programming you can’t make websites, but other nice things like applications, calculators, mail senders, little games, owh! But also viruses, malware, spammers, port scanners,... ;)

Let me explain this languages a bit more:

Batch is an a pretty much used languages, not that much for professional big things, but for small effective or fun things.
It’s mostly used for automation. There are people who also make little viruses with it to let other’s PC crash, however that isn’t the head purpose of Batch at all. Those are also a bit effective.

C++ is used, for well, everything, you can make everything with it!
The only bad thing about it is that you have to make a separated GUI for it, (Graphic User Interface – The layout of your application)
A lot of good e-books about this language can help you a lot further!

Visual Basics is another great language, but to make it yourself easier, you have to download Visual Studio for it.
With Visual Basics you can make your own professional app, you can also do a lot of things with it, a lot of RATs are made in Visual Basics, And some small browsers too! :D

Well, now you know what all those programming languages are and do, but where can you learn them? Google is your best friend! :D

Good websites to learn: and <Good for HTML & CSS <Small cosy forum <’HQ’ forum (actually not recommended) <interactive fun courses, good way to learn.

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