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How The Proxy Server Works ?

A proxy server is a computer server, which has the function to relay requests between a client and a server. Proxy servers are used in particular to perform the following functions :

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● Cache memory
● Query logging
● LAN security
● Filtering and anonymity

Generic Proxy Server used to relay only some queries on a given port, such as HTTP or FTP requests.

The SOCKS (l'abrĂ©viation du terme anglophone « sockets » et « Secured Over Credential-based Kerberos ».) Proxy Server is used to relay any kind of information, whether Web-related data, e-mail or even instant messaging. This proxy server, more interesting in terms of available information, is much less widespread.

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Among all the proxy servers, some are called "anonymous" or proxy anonymizers. That is, the servers contacted cannot easily know the IP address of the client machine, They only "see" the address of the anonymizer server, On the other hand, the latter knows and can register it - thus making the notion of anonymity quite relative. Online anonymizers can also be used to bypass proxy filters.

Examples of proxy anonymizer

The search engine Scroogle (2003-2012, no longer available) used a proxy to search google anonymously.

Some Popular Proxy

*JanusVM: Server allowing anonymous and secure browsing on the Web.

*JAP: Program popular and open source to connect to channels of proxies anonymizers.

*Privoxy: Open source server.

*Squid: Open source server among the most used.

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