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How To Create A Windows 7 System Image ?

With Windows 7, you can create an image of your system (partition C: with Windows in full). Vulgarily called Ghost by analogy to Norton Ghost software that allows the same operation.

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This method has the advantages of cloning its system in a way identical to its state at the date of the procedure, compared with a relocation or a factory restoration. Programs, data, various settings, etc. Are retained. It is also much more powerful than the classic "System Restore", also available in Windows 7.

You can create an image of your system after its installation and the main software you use, while all works well. You can also do an image regularly (two or three times a year) to ensure a consistent backup set.

The usable supports are:

●Internal disk (other than system disk)
●External drive (USB, eSATA, IEEE1394)
●Consumable Media (DVD)

Steps To Create A Windows 7 System Image

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Please note: RAID 0 systems are supported by the Microsoft utility.

1. Go to Control Panel - Back Up Your Computer

2. Then create a system image

3. Windows searches available backup devices on PC

4. You must choose the location of the backup (internal disk, as in this example, external disk or DVD)
At this level, the Microsoft utility does not give many options, for example it is not possible to store the backup in a specific folder, it is Windows that will create it and call it WindowsImageBackup.
After choosing your support, click on next

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5. Select partitions to back up
There too, reduced options, Windows automatically save vital partitions to the OS. If you have partitions reserved only for storage, you can check them (note however the place available on the backup media)
Click on next

6. The following screen is a summary of selected operations.
And a warning on the available space, indicating that if the space is missing, the oldest backups will be deleted.
Click Start Backup

7. The image creation begins.
Attention, depending on the power of your PC and the space used by W7, this can be quite long.

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8. At the end of the backup, you are asked if you want to create a system repair disk
You can answer "no", creating the disk can be done at any time from the control panel, restore the computer, create a system repair disk. (Requires a CD only)

9. Confirmation of successful backup

You are Done!

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