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How To Create A USB Installation Key For Windows 7 ?

Even if on a modern PC and powerful seven installs in 45 mn max, it is interesting to use a USB key to install it: The installation time may then be less than 15 minutes. I will describe the procedure to be followed.

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- The OS will weigh a little less than 3 GB, so you need a USB key of 4 GB minimum.


Start a Command Prompt window (accessible from "Start", "Programs", "Accessories", "Command Prompt")
* Type "DISKPART" (upper or lowercase)

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* Type "select disk x" ( "x" being the disk number of the key that is visible in the disk manager, is not the letter but the number)

* Type "clean" (deletion of key partitions)

* Type "create partition primary"

* Type "select partition 1"

* Type "active"

* Type "format fs=fat32 quick"

* Type "assign"

* Type "exit" (output of the diskpart tool)

Copying Windows 7 files

● Insert the DVD of seven in your DVD player.

● Also in a command prompt, type "xcopy X:\*.*/s/e/f Y:\" (where X and Y are the letter of your DVD drive and the USB key letter respectively)

● Validate Once the files are copied to the key, simply modify the bios so that the boot sequence takes into account the USB device first. It's over.

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