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Easiest Way To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

On Facebook, when you close your account, it is simply disabled, not deleted. You can reactivate it by simply logging on to the site. Here is the method to remove it permanently.

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I was a bit shocked, wanting to delete a test account, not to easily find how to permanently delete it, but just a link to disable it.

On the deactivation page, you can read:

Disabling your account results in disabling your profile and removing your name, photo and anything you posted on Facebook.

Then there is nothing about deleting. And yes, I just tested, I turned off my account, but when I reconnected, everything was again there, fresh and dapper!. And as a bonus, we receive a small message that the servers of Facebook are happy to find us.

Deleting Permanently..

Fortunately, there is a solution to permanently remove your Facebook account. This is a well hidden page and requires many validations, using the following link:

Delete My Account:

Frankly, I have not found this link on the Facebook site itself. Perhaps I have not looked for enough, but maybe they have hidden too. You will also have to go through new information of your password, then a validation by e-mail before being carried out!

And still, it's not finish!

The account takes 15 days to be deleted, in case you change your mind! And to reactivate it, oddly, it's super easy: simply log in to your account, and the delete request is canceled.

But do not worry, if for reasons of confidentiality, the account being disabled, it is no longer available to the public.

Anyway, personally I find it more than average, this story of simple deactivation. I am sure that many people who believe they have deleted their account still have all their photos online!.

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