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Video: Google Images Pokes Fun At iPhone And its Storage Limited

Even if Apple decides to get rid of iPhone 16GB next September, we're not there yet, some are "stuck" with this limited storage. At the same time, Google unveiled a new ad for Google Photos highlighting the memory release feature to store more and more.

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In this new ad, we see pictures of missed be chained: selfies, discounts graduation, birthdays, even a Bigfoot, etc. all because of a lack of free space on the phone, a problem it must be admitted, is also found on some Android. Google wants everyone to know that he has found a solution: Once the photos synced in the cloud, Google Photos can delete the local copy (both photographs and videos) to allow you to take new ones.

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This is a feature that should make very useful a fortiori, for those who choose the "high quality" backup option in Google Photos. Beware though, using the cloud backup, you will remain also more dependent on Google services.

Apple, on its side, also offers the possibility to save his memories in iCloud to free up space, but you will certainly pay for more space if you are used to take pictures and videos.

The ad in question is in the video below:

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