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Strange and Terrifying Video Spread Online, Become a Mystery to Everyone!

Oddity online is endless, and most recently was the emergence of one of the most unusual online videos in recent years, the video like a horror film. The story began when one of the bloggers received a "DVD" disc, containing strange video like a terrifying and mysterious puzzle.

The disk image which was sent to the blogger:

The Blogger publish a clip of this video on the Internet, Which made some people in a state of confusion and fear, when they try to decode this strange video, knowing the hidden meaning behind this puzzle. The Video events taking place in an abandoned building, where a strange man appears, wearing black clothes from head to toe, With its famous black plague mask. The most interesting in the video is that the person who appears in the video did not speak, as expected in such videos.

Of course the person or organization that were sent this video, are keen to hide the secret, as there are lots of symbols and clues that were shown in the video may be the solution to find out the secret of this strange video, and this is actually what has been shared in the reddit website by many users.

Light signals that appear in the hands of this person may be a sign in the specific code, One of them has been able to find a close meaning to these signals, which means: "2015THEREWILLBE (THREE)".

However in spite of all of these Interpretations, the video is still a mystery and none knows the truth behind its story and what the meaning of its publication.

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