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Now Google Maps Allows You Downloading Maps On micro-SD

Google has just updated Google Maps for Android. Two big innovations have been introduced: the ability to switch the application to "Wifi only" mode and the other is to download maps on micro SD card from the phone.

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As if Google Maps was already not quite as practical, Google still has to improve its application. In the next update, which is expected within the next few days, Google Maps will allow you to download maps directly to the SD card of the phone. A very convenient option for users of entry-level smartphones, whose internal memory is sometimes limited to 4 or 8 GB. when you download a map for use it in offline mode, Google Maps will now open a pop-up and ask about what memory to install: the phone's internal memory or microSD card, if the phone has one.

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Another interesting novelty of this update is the ability to switch the application in WiFi mode only. The option, which is activated in the menu of the application settings allows to ensure that Google Maps does not connect to the Internet when the phone is connected to WiFi. A very practical option when you are staying abroad, for example, without a package including a roaming envelope.

The App Available on Google Play: Maps - Navigation & Transit

For more information: The official blog for Google Maps

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