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How To Change The DNS (Domain Name System) With Easiest Way?

Many times, users cannot visit some of the websites because they are banned, Also, many of them want to Safe Browsing, while the others want to browse anonymously. Therefore, you find them often forced to change the Domain Name System, better known as DNS system, however, they might also faced at several problems.

The DNS (Domain Name System) is a system that stores data, that related to domain names in database which are distributed on the Internet. In short, it is A System that Translates Domain Names from Words into Numbers known as the IP address.

Therefore, changing the DNS involves changing ip address, then solving the user problems. In this tutorial I will share you the easiest way to change the DNS to Fastest and powerful servers known with its Various advantages (Protection, Safe Browsing, Anonymous Browsing, etc). So follow up the steps below to proceed.

Steps to Change The DNS with Easiest Way

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First you need to download and install the free program, which is ChrisPC DNS Switch
After installing the software in your device , open it and proceed to change the default settings.

Choose the network adapter.

The software allows to change to many powerful servers , like: Norton and OpenDNS.

You can search for the server that you want by selecting a category, for example: You want anonymous browsing you should select Anonymous DNS. Each category has its own servers.

Servers by selected category.

If you want changing of the DNS, select the appropriate server, and then you press the "Change DNS" Click Yes to accept change.

Now everything is alright !!, The DNS was changed successfully, now restart your browser.

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To return to the automatic settings, just click on "Restore DNS" accept change, then restart your browser.

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