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Google Working For a New Operating System that's not Based on Linux

According to many tech news websites, that Google is working to launch a new operating system that will be different from the rest of their operating systems such as Android or Chrome OS. These websites also has revealed other important information about the new Operating Platform, which will carry the name "Fuschia".

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The "Hacker News" website, was the first one which reveal this information about the new operating system, through his research in "Github" database. Before that "Android Police" website completing its mission to reveal the remaining details of this news. Where he highlighted that the new OS will be named "Fuschia"

Unlike other Google's operating system, Android or Chrome OS, the new system "Fuschia" will not be based on Linux system. But Magenta will be its kernel which is based on LIttleKernel project. As the Flutter will be its system interface, using Dart as programming language.

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According to available information, the new system "Fuchsia" will be compatible with all types of computer's architecture, including ARM32, ARM64 and 64-bit. Which makes this new system able to work on all of most available devices, whether on smartphones, tablets , personal and portable devices.

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