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Best 3 Android Apps For Screen Recording (Screencast)

The first to permit effective management of screencast on Android is Nvidia with its Shield. In fact, these are the first to be allowed to record and streaming content on Twitch. So Here's the best 3 android applications for screen recording (Screencast)

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Looking to save a game session for Youtube? Do not look further! Kamcord is for you. Functional recently Kamcord is the only app of its kind, specializing in mobile gaming.

AZ Screen Recorder

One of best apps for Lollipop systems. Able to record virtually everything and anything, this app is stable, complete and doesn't require root to run. AZ Screen Recorder is currently one of the best choice if you want, for example, explain something about an Android application. Its interface is thought to make tutorials quickly. You can if you need it, buy the premium version that allows, in particular drawing on the screen or using the FaceCam.

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Lollipop Screen Recorder

Simply using the official API Lollipop on the screen video recording, Lollipop Screen Recorder is simple and effective.

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