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The game which turns your home into hell !!

Know what is the dangerous game "Night Terrors" ,which will turning your home into a living hell and you will live a horror films experience.
The "Night Terrors" Game, which its issuance is expected at the end of this month, This Game can be played through your smartphone,it will also be available on the Play Store.

The goal of this game is to makes the user in a state of horror and suspense, are also in the discovery of a group of exotic creatures. And also the ghosts that will make you fall in a series of nightmares that will bar you from sleeping for days.

As for how to play it?

Simply you must install the speakers in your phone and then turn off the lights at home. Then open the game app, then will be automatically activate the flash feature..You will see what makes you fall in amazement and shock!!

Frankly..I advise you to do not watch even a section of this game, If you have a weak heart.

Video 1

Video 2

The special game time will not exceed the end of the month, and i'll remind you about the link of game, which will be available as soon as possible

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