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Video: Is it possible to install Windows 7 on a Smartwatch such as LG G Watch?

Is it possible to install Windows 7 on a smartwatch and run it without any problem?
The answer is yes, but not without any problems!
As you will see in the following video, where a developer has to install Windows 7 system on the LG G Watch W100.

He was able to install "Windows 7", But the system boot process lasted for 3 hours!, And of course, No one can wait for this big time, to see the boot Windows 7 system.

You can watch the following video of 6 minutes, On which it is speeding up system boot stage.

So you can not work with operating system such as "Windows 7" , installed on smartwatch that has technical specifications such as RAM up 512 MB and processor type Adreno 305, Addition to 4GB of the internal storage size. which are weak requirements, compared with the operating system requirements such as Windows 7.

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