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How to Find your Password Wi-Fi easily?

It is very common to forget the Wifi password. But it's also easy to find it. Here is how to do:

Verify the default password of the router

Start with the most simple, modern Wi-Fi routers are programmed with a default name and password. They are on the sticker with the "SSID" of the device. Otherwise, they are on the documentation provided with the hardware.

Otherwise, try the names and combinations of common passwords or check

Once connected, change them by keeping a backup in the secure password manager.

Find them on Windows

You can find the password for your Wi-Fi in you are connecting to Windows.

Open Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel by right-clicking the icon of the wireless network in the taskbar, then click "Open Network and Sharing Center".

Click the name of your current Wi-Fi.

Click "Wireless Properties" in the status window that appears. Then open the "Security" tab and check "Show characters" to show the hidden password.

Find the passwords of your old Wi-Fi networks

The same manipulation is possible on Windows 7 and earlier versions are different from Windows 8 and 10.

For Windows 7 and earlier versions

Click on "Manage wireless networks" in the left menu of the Network and Sharing Center.

Double-click a network name to access network properties.

Go to the Security and check "Show characters" tab on the "Network Security Key"

For Windows 8 and 10

Open the command prompt by right-clicking on "Start".
Type the command:
"netsh wlan show profiles"

You will have a list of Wi-Fi networks.
Type the following command replacing profilename.

"netsh wlan show profile name=profilename key=clear"

The password is in the "Content Key"

To find on a Mac

You can find the password on Mac.
Open the box Spotlight search dialog via Command + Space. Type "Keychain Access" and click OK.

Click the name of your network and click the "info" button.

Check the "Show password" using an administrator account.
In this way, you give your Mac password.

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