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How to create a ringtone for iPhone without iTunes?

Many iPhone users do not change their ringtone due to the fact that the iPhone ringtone change process is very complicated, because the iPhone only recognizes the M4R format like ringing. Normally, people who want to change the ringtone, have to learn how to iTunes, which is the official tool from Apple.

But I will present here a simplified method that does not go through iTunes. Ie use a third party tool. In fact, my method is two applications, but both are free and online. This means that no download or installation is required.

These are the steps to create an iPhone ringtone without going through iTunes.

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1. Go to the page Apowersoft Video Converter Free Online.
Once you have open the page, you will see the formats supported by this online application, including M4A and M4R.

2. Next, click the Browse button to load the audio file you want to convert. Choose the M4R format, then click the Convert button to start the conversion process. After conversion, put the converted file in the designated folder.

3. Go to free transfer Apowersoft page online iPhone / iPad / iPod, click the Launch Application button. When a window pop up, click Run. Once Java is loaded, the application will be ready to transfer files.

4. Click the Import button in the Music tab, and then select the converted M4R file.

5. At the end, set the M4R file to your iPhone as the ringtone.

In fact, the two programs have all the desktop version if you do not want every time load both Java software, and if you do not always have an Internet connection. You can also install both programs on your computer. That way you can change the ringtone on your iPhone as you want.

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