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Google Tap to Translate : Translate From Any App, Even Offline

The new Google Translate comes out and important updates have been made. Among the new features in this version 5.0:

►The presentation of the feature "Tap to translate"
►Offline mode on iOS
►Introduction of Chinese Word Lens

With this update, it is now possible to use Google Translate within other apps on Android. With the feature "Tap to Translate", no need to go through copy / paste and to switch between the content you want and read the translation program.

Just copy the text of your choice for the translation appears instantly. "Tap to translate" works in 103 languages translated by Google on all Android phones with Jellybean (4.2) and newer Android versions.

On iOS, the offline makes its arrival, and benefit, like on Android, for offline packages more lightened than the previous (25 MB). offline connection packages are available in 52 languages.

In addition, Word Lens goes to China! This instant visual translation feature was already possible in 28 languages and thus opens the traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese, from and to English. This service also works offline. 

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