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Exclusive Games for Android for Unforgettable Experience !!

Every day, hundreds of applications are added to the Google Play store, Thing that makes the process of finding an application or game extremely complex, for that and in this post, I will put you an exhaustive list of applications, which are the best for this month.

1. Marvel: Avangers Alliance 2

If you love the world of heroes hacks, and this game is for you, So get ready to fight a group of interesting conflicts. Game Heroes are celebrities ones ,including Iron Man، Captain America...

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2. Olympus Rising

Configure your special rule, building palaces, assemble your own army, fighting wars. This is the area of the game and its goal, and enjoy it required Internet connection, a fantastic game and is free also.

3. Hungry Shark World

It is a game, so you will experience adventures in the deep sea, and will make you a fierce shark, where you will have to eat the small fish, and humans also!!

4. 7 Mages

If you're a fan of adventure games, this game will prepare the best for you, especially if you want to access the advanced privileges in this game, you will need some focus.

5. Hyperide

If you're interested in this game and you want to try it, here's my advice, Once launching it, must forget everything in your life, Simply because it requires focus and precision, So that needed to escape quickly from the massive stones, And face the rest of risks, and even understand the most. Here is the teaser video below. 

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