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Best Way To Get Points From Points2shop


Points2shop is one of the simplest ways , if not the most effective, wherever you'll earn your cash simply without worrying of scam or cheating.

Now you'll be able to earn money doing their surveys or play their games, however money can stop returning within the moment you stop doing them. the simplest thanks to generate passive financial gain with them is to refer folks to the program. they need a referral program that pays you $1 per referral for US guests.

So overall, every referral is roughly twelve cents. it would not sound sort of a heap, however if you're generating $100 per month, this autopilot system pays for your net and hosting bill each month. the nice factor regarding Points2shop is that the pay is incredibly quick. Once you request a withdrawal , they pay 2-3 days later into your PayPal account.

First Go to Register at this link CLick Here

How to earn prizes similarly as money

It is easy to use your free or open time for earning prizes also as money. while you certainly won't get flush instantly or fast win awards, if you place during a tiny piece of try you'll earn something you desire!


Get salaried to check regarding new or recent product or merchandise, share data relating to you, or produce AN account for on-line repairs. whereas most proffers ar free or open, you'll discover a reimbursement searching yet as paid or trial proffers - a good technique to induce some contracts on on-line buys!


Getting public to form associate degree account together with your referral affiliation takes variety of labor also as determination however just once you get high-quality to unfold the statement regarding Points2Shop, the recommendations can truly pay off! you're ready to earn regarding $1 once one in all your referrals can purchase. Referring new purchasers or users.

If you refer a user from...      you will earn...
1st Tier: United States, United Kingdom$0.05 per registration* $0.50 once your referral completes an offer $0.00 High Quality Bonus* * payout amount depends on quality of referral. Click here to see detailed payment scale
2nd Tier: Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Singapore,kson Tier: Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Singapore,kson
  • $0.01 per registration
  • $0.20 cents once your referral completes an offer.
3rd Tier: United Arab Emirates, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Switzerland, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, India, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russian Federation, Vietnam, South Africa,
  • $0.01 per registration
  • $0.10 cents once your referral completes an offer.
4th Tier: All Other Countries
  • $0.01 per registration
  • $0.01 cents once your referral completes an offer.


Take part at the paid games where your apply also as ability might assist you to earn a hundred and fifty points for every game! each games area unit getable for open play also, therefore make certain to apply prior taking part in to stay aloof from losing plenty of hard-earned summits.

Playing Games for Weekly Lottery

This draw could be a sport of chance with no surefire winner. On the opposite hand, you're ready to win quite $100 if you win on a jackpot each week. Lottery tags area unit free. All the collaborating persons have a similar possibilities to win the cash.

Monthly Contest of Points2Shop Lottery

Points2Shop holds a spread of contests with cash prize of $15. somebody will maintain a foothold in monthly challenges by obtaining varied new or recent referrals and earn an outsized range from proffers.

An Organizer in Loyalty Advertising

Points2Shop offers one in all the largest on-line and mobile loyalty agendas with a society of over four.5 million associates in around two hundred countries.

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