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Learn Java language with Learn Java App for Android and iOS

"Java" language is a programming language created by the programmer "James Gosling", during his work in the laboratories of "Sun Microsystems" company
It is a set of commands and instructions, given in the form of a computer program, written in a particular programming language by a word processor.

If you are one of those interested and want to learn this language through your smartphone you can do so through Learn Java application, This application is available for free and full on both operating systems Android and iOS.
This application provides dozens of lessons about learning the Java language in easy and simple manner.
Even if you don't have an experience in this language, you will find in this application a comprehensive guide to Java language.

It gives users an easy, fast and effective way to learn Java, While providing the ability to write code clearly and correctly.

The most important lessons covered in this application include :

● Basics of language, such as variables and Operators etc ..
● Arrays.
● HashMaps.
● Threads.
● Sets.
● Working with files.
● Loops.
● Conditional Statements.
● Polymorphism , Inheritance and Encapsulation.
● Many other important lessons.

Now if you're interested you can download the application "Learn Java" fully free.

For Android Users

For IOS Users

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