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How to Protect and Hide your Files easily

One of the most embarrassing moments, is when your friend asks your phone, to begin accessing in your personal files,such as photos, multimedia and others.
For this reason, i will suggest you an app that can solve for you problem like that.

This App called File Hide Expert, which is free and available on Google Play store, by more than one million downloads. This will allow you to hide your files with option to setting a password.
To take advantage of this app, just download it and then launch it, and You will find its main interface as below:

Now, just click on the blue icon file, above. after that, Select the file you want to hide,then activate the hide option.

To make a password for your app, Go to Settings, And then activate Enable Password option, then enter your password.

If you want to retrieve your files stored to their Basic mode, just press on "Hide All".

Click here to download File Hide Expert

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